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  • “If the resident returns the Declaration, you will be unable to evict the resident for non-payment.” [Editor’s Note: The below is presented for general legal information; specific situations should be addressed to your attorney. If you have questions regarding AACSC’s forms, please contact our offic

  • “Rancid smells, nicotine, animal and organic odors are very hard to remove even after painting the walls and cleaning the carpets.” Dear Maintenance Men: A few months ago, you had a question about bath fans and removing moisture from the bathroom to avoid mold issues....

  • “We have a huge fight with Prop 21, which would be very bad for us for lots of reasons.” Greetings once again to all our members, friends, and supporters to this the October issue of the Official California Apartment Journal. With all that has occurred...

  • In “seventy-two little hours,” August 31, 2020, marked the date California’s Governor signed into law the most restrictive set of laws on residential rental property owners the State has seen in decades. It was presented to him for signature by the Legislature after passing AB...


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